Eco-friendly tips: help make kids' clothes last a little longer with avocado dye!

Eco-friendly tips: help make kids' clothes last a little longer with avocado dye!

Clothing stains are unavoidable.  Let's face it, kids are basically barf and poop machines. Often a high quality garment has years and years of wear left in it, but are just a little too stained. If you're like me, and are trying make steps to lowering your environmental impact, natural dyeing any old pale coloured clothing is a great way reuse something that would otherwise get tossed.

I put together this quick tutorial for anyone who is interested in giving their stained kids' clothes a second life, using something that would normally go in the compost! This is the no-frills, quick...

Les marchés ou on peut trouver Supayana cet automne!

Vente Trottoir à Verdun le 25 & 26 août

Decade Building 8 septembre

Puces Pop  28, 29, 30 septembre

Etsy Montreal  29, 30 septembre

See you there!




Thank you to everyone who came to Puces Pop last weekend! The sale was a success and it was awesome to see so many repeat customers.

The next event will be the Vente Trottoir Estivale that is at the end of this month! It's happening in Verdun, my hood! There will be a special section just for artisans, so this is a great place to find locally made treasures!

Click on the link for the facebook event to get all the details.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather, and see you in a...

Les marchés de Noël 2016 / Holiday Markets 2016

Here is an updated list of holiday sales where you can find Supayana!


Marche Nënë

Novembre 19 & 20


5333 Casgrain

Montreal, QC


Idle Hands

November 29, 2015

10 AM - 5 PM

523 St. Anthony Street

Ottawa, ON