Supayana's story

Hi! My name is Yana. I started Supayana back in 2003 when I was a university student, back when there was only a handful of people selling online. Before the days of etsy, can you believe it?! My line has gone through many different stages over the last decade- first starting with reconstructed band t-shirts, to recycled clothing, to women's dresses, and finally to adorable kids' clothing! This natural evolution was a reflection of my changing personal styles and taste, and I believe in staying true to myself. 

 Much of my designs features digitally printed illustrations either by myself or my illustrator friends.  I try to use eco-friendly or at least natural/biodegradable fabrics for my collections as often as possible.


 It's very important to me to keep production local and to get to know the people I am working with. Some of the people I work with are Services de Coupe 3P, a professional cutting service, and also a small family run sewing contractor here in Montreal. I'm still a very active participant in the process. I make the original design and my own patterns. I coordinate with the cutter and sewer. I inspect each garment carefully. I take care of all of my emails with customers. I still pack all of my orders myself. I'm very proud to support my local economy as I strongly believe we small designers can make a difference in bringing back local manufacturing to North America.